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Also known as Gold Dust Dracaena by it's splotches of gold and white, Dracaena godseffiana is a shrub-like indoor plant distinguished by large, bold leaves with bright green foliage and contrasting yellow speckles. As the plant matures, the speckles lighten, becoming white. Dracaena godseffiana is a good choice for novice gardeners, as the sturdy plant thrives even when neglected and in conditions that are less than perfect. At maturity, Dracaena godseffiana reaches mature heights of about 2 feet.
Care Tips:
Place in indirect light, although may tolerate a few hours of morning sun
Keep humidity high
water only when soil feels dry to touch
Fertilise at least once a month during spring or summer

Florida Beauty/ Gold Dust Dracaena

  • LIGHT Bright, indirect

    WATER Moderate, when soil is dry to touch, keep moist but not soggy

    MAINTENANCE Fertilise during Spring and Summer

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