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Now here's a real  indoor plant winner, the Rubber Tree. Not only does it look stunning,  it's also hardy and easy to care for. Pefect for the newbies in the indoor plant community.  This variety has deep green shiny leathery leaves.


For those not confident enough with indoor plants this is a great one to have. 







Rubber Tree Plant/Ficus elastica burgundy

  • Your beautiful plant pressie will come in a gorgeous white vintage lined washable 'leather-look' sack, enveloped in a gentle white wrap delicately placed in a white box and lovingly hugged by a ribbon of your choice.


    In addition to your chosen gift is a handwritten  botanically designed gift card, with a message of your choice.


    At PLANTS INSTEAD we believe that "Simplicity is Beauty" and the plants are the real star of the show.  Your new plant babies will come in approximately 200mm pots (large size) or 140mm (small size), our plants are carefully sourced from local nurseries and growers in NSW and beyond.


    Should you chose to use your own pots to suit your decor and style, there are 101 ways you could re-use and be creative with your vintage sack.   

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